MINIMAL CRIMINAL is a dark minimal progressive psytrance project from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was formed by Dj's Valerio Zhyin and Bruno Echoes in the beginning of 2003. Their tracks are around 133-140 bpm, often with a dark night time vibe, bizarre psychedelic effects and crazy samples.

April-May 2011
Minimal Criminal new music

Hello friends! We have updated our official web site. Our album "Minimus Maleficarum" is finally available in the site as 24-bit wav files as well as 320 mp3s. Nowhere else can you find the album in 24-bit quality. These are the same files we use in our live sets!

You can either buy the album tracks separately or the entire album as a big (1GB) archive. The whole album download comes with some special surprises unavailable anywhere. Oh, and it's cheaper to buy than in other online shops.

Besides the album, we added many other Minimal Criminal tracks, old and new. Some of them are available for FREE!

The track "Defeat"(FREE download) was featured in Computer Music magazine(issue 161), the best selling music software magazine in the world, and it received a very good review.

We also have shirts and a cool tote bag available for those who REALLY wanna support Minimal Criminal.


- A new Minimal Criminal track called Mary Poppin' Pills will be released in a free compilation from Uroboros records called Cyberpunk Chronicles vol.3. This compilation will be available from Ektoplazm. This track is sure to ignite dancefloors everywhere, day or night.

- Minimal Criminal is collaborating with Tripinstumble in a track called Baaraparchuterphobia for the next CCR compilation called "Phobophobia"

- Soundmute Recordings will release a Minimal Criminal digital EP called Apollyon with remixes from Cujorius One and Opsy sometime within the next few months.

February-March 2011
Minimal Criminal at Massive Progressive

March 11th, Zhyin will perform a DJ set at the Massive Progressive nature party in the center of Israel.

Line up:

  • Minimal Criminal (CCR)
  • Aerospace (Spin Twist rec.)
  • Mute (Lono rec.)
  • Rocky (Echoes rec.)
  • High M Vectro (Criminal Zone rec.)
  • Meta Herz (a.k.a. Energy Loop - Blitz studio)
  • Pick (Zenon rec.)
  • Addiction (a.k.a. Adi Quantize - Iboga rec.)

Minimal Criminal in Moscow

February 25th, Dj Zhyin will perform a Miminal Criminal live and dj set at Spirit of fusion - Dive session party at Vozduh club, Moscow.

Line up:

  • Minimal Criminal(Cosmic Conspiracy Records) LIVE+Dj Set
  • Cujorius One(Soundmute Recordings/ Zenon rec) LIVE
  • Trollwood(Trimurti records)
  • Anix Gleo(SunStation records)
  • Felix(Fusion lab)
November-December 2010

Tune in TODAY to radio Schizoid to check out the EXCLUSIVE Minimal Criminal mix by DJ Zhyin:

Here is the link to Radio Schizoid, where you can tune in to the channels.


Mumbai (India - Maharashtra) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 21:00:00 UTC+5:30 hours IST

Tel Aviv (Israel) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 17:30:00 UTC+2 hours IST

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 15:30:00

Minimus Maleficarum

Cosmic Conspiracy Records proudly presents MINIMUS MALEFICARUM - The Debut Album from Minimal Criminal.

After 2 years in the making this anticipated release brings you 9 tracks spanning a broad spectrum of sound A hybrid blend of Minimal Psychedelia, Techno and Progressive featuring Minimal Criminal's signature fat and heavy sound and production.

An atmospheric album with themes inspired by the obscure horror/sci-fi and psychedelic exploitation films from the 50s/60s/70s with every track containing many vintage synth sounds and effects.

This release also includes "Reefer and Barbecue Part 2:Bad Ass Weed", the follow up 2nd part to their now infamous cult track "Reefer and Barbecue" which featured Krumelur.

With Stunning artwork by Elune Art and with mastering by Inyourphaze studios in Sweden, this is a milestone release, the likes of which we have never heard .... An album that will steal your mind and imagination/twist your ears, scare you, and make you laugh while it happens..

Get it at Saikosounds!

Minimal Criminal at Mocvara- Zhyin will perform a MINIMAL CRIMINAL live set on December 03 in Zagreb, Croatia, at Mocvara club.

Minimal Criminal (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Brazil)

Minimal Criminal (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Brazil)
Val Vashar (Zenon, Ministarstvo Psihodelije)

Klub: Mocvara, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb
Extra: Deco, Chai & Cookies
Upad: 40kn prije i 50 kn poslje ponoci
Od - do: 23:00 - 05:00

Besides our Buy section, you can see our updates, buy our songs and other merchandise at the following sites:

Minimal%20CriminalQuantcast mixposure ilike
August-September 2010
Dream Gathering

3rd of September, Zhyin will perform a dj set at a Dream Gathering party in the center of Israel.

Line up:

  • X-Dream
  • Minimal Criminal
  • Ace Ventura
  • Weekend Heroes
  • U-Recken
  • Loud
  • Josef & Forest
  • Shidapu

25th of September, Zhyin will perform a live set at NORTHERN TRIBE - Misgav Gathering III party in the north of Israel.

MINIMUS MALEFICARUM, the full-length album of Minimal Criminal is being mastered and will be released in the nearest future.

May 2010
Fake Pretty

- Krumelur - Fake Pretty remix EP with a Minimal Criminal rmx, released by Planet B.E.N. records, is available at Beatport.

- Geek Mythology, the CD is already available at SaikoSounds and has been in the top 10 for a while.

- Zhyin is staying in Israel at the moment and available for gigs.
14.05.2010 MINIMAL CRIMINAL played a live set at Northern Tribe Gathering party in the north of Israel. Zhyin would like to thank all the ones who came to support Minimal Criminal and Northern Tribe crew for a great party and great people.

February-March 2010
MC live at PsySpirit party

- MINIMUS MALEFICARUM, the debut album from Minimal Criminal, is almost finished, and will be released this summer through Cosmic Conspiracy records (New Zealand).

- In the latter part of 2009, Minimal Criminal had its first digital release with the track, "Necrogeezer", from the compilation,"Big Stone", from prominent Brazilian label Vagalume records. This release is available at Beatport and other online stores.

-In March, Cosmic Conspiracy records released their newest compilation called "Geek Mythology", featuring a Minimal Criminal track called "Tao of Yoda". This bombastic release is currently only available in digital format from online stores such as Beatport. In a few weeks, the physical CD will be released and available from shops such as Saikosounds and Psyshop.

- The Greek magazine, Freeze, will feature Minimal Criminal in their May issue.The magazine will come with a free mixed CD by DJ Zhyin, full of crunchy tunes from artists such as Grouch, Dopped, Onionbrain, Cujorius One, etc.

January 2010

DJ Zhyin is currently staying in Israel and is looking for gigs.

MINIMAL CRIMINAL at Hamafteah club, Tel Aviv